Michi Moon

VeVe Lane vs Michi Moon
Competitive Female Wrestling w/ Punishment Round
May 2017

Michi Moon

Michi Moon

All of our newcomers must eventually face the toughest challenge: a competitive wrestling match against local reigning champion VeVe Lane. And Michi Moon is next in line!

Michi's been wrestling with us for about a year. She has minimal training but a lot of energy and gusto. A match against 10-year wrestling veteran VeVe seems like an impossibly uphill battle, but Michi plans to give it all she's got! VeVe, for her part, has no intentions of going light on the newcomer. Not by a long shot! She plans to unleash her arsenal of tricks and smash Michi all the way through...

Confident, skilled (and amused!) VeVe doesn't take it easy on Michi, bombarding her with submission attacks and deft maneuvering. Michi fights her hardest to resist the onslaught and stay in the game, but VeVe simply smiles at Michi's efforts. Athletic tone. A wide variety and large number of submissions. Punishment Round includes: facesitting, scissorholds, camel clutch, other holds, and a classic victory pose. A 20-minute match, in 2 rounds, plus a 7-minute Punishment/Victory round.

VeVe: 5'4" and 125 lbs.
Michi: 5'3" and 125 lbs.

Total running time: 32 minutes
Includes opening and closing comments. Thong bikinis. 1280x720, 3.5 mbps

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veve vs michi veve vs michi veve vs michi
veve vs michi veve vs michi veve vs michi
veve vs michi veve vs michi veve vs michi

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