VeVe Lane
Savannah Fox

VeVe Lane vs Savannah Fox
Female Bondage Wrestling
May 2014

Bondage Wrestling

Bondage Wrestling

During her visit to California, VeVe challenged the sporty Savannah Fox to a fully competitive bondage wrestling match. Savannah had been working on her wrestling skills and was feeling fit and ready, so she gladly accepted VeVe's challenge! The ladies suit up in shiny thong leotards, and they hit the mats at full speed!

Savannah puts up an incredible amount of resistance and proves to be a very athletic opponent. She squiggles, wriggles, and often just powers out of VeVe's early tie-attempts, all while working to tie VeVe as well. VeVe, however, works quickly and presses the offensive, fighting hard to hold Savannah down and shrugging off her attacks. It's a long, hard, and very active struggle, with a lot of dynamic rope-wrestling, heavy breathing, and powering-through action. Whew!

After a rough, sweaty, and infuriating struggle, VeVe rides out Savannah's hard, bucking power-escapes to finally land her opponent in a hard-earned and painfully immobilizing ball tie. Savannah resists every step of the way, even as her arms are bound behind her back, and her legs are bound together. But eventually rope-bite pain gets the better of her, and she is forced into stillness, at long last. Savannah groans in pain as VeVe drags her on the mats and smacks her booty, showing off the full tie and celebrating with a victory pose.

VeVe: 5'4" and 120 lbs.
Savannah: 5'5" and 150 lbs.

Total running time: 23 minutes
High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
Final Tie: Ball tie with wrists and elbows bound behind back, ankles bound, knees bound, knees bound to belly. No Gag.

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Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling
Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling
Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling

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