VeVe Lane, Female Session Wrestler
VeVe Lane
Indra, Female Session Wrestler

Villainess Bondage: Ransom!
VeVe, Venom, Indra
October 2013

Villainess Bondage

Villainess Bondage

VeVe, Venom, and Indra star as villainesses in this complex, fantasy scenario-based bondage video. Tall boots, tight leggings, rope, gags, crazy wrestling, treachery, and a variety of ties!

The scene opens as VeVe and Indra strike a deal between their separate organizations. But Indra's cohort Venom enters secretly and jumps VeVe from behind. A double cross! And thus the villainess madness begins as VeVe finds herself wrestled down and bound several times before turning the tables in her favor...

The bondage ties involved: The British team of Venom and Indra subdue and bind VeVe in a variety of ways as they hold her for ransom: Damsel-in-distress style (wrists, feet, chest rope) with wadded cloth gag; tied to a chair; tied like a "Y" to the bed posts (with duct tape gag).

But with some trickery - and Indra is especially susceptible to that! - VeVe is able to escape and turn the tables. VeVe binds Indra face down on the bed, gagged with arms behind her back. She later wrestles Venom into a quick-tie arms-behind-back harness, gagging her with duct tape.

The final scene finds Venom and Indra bound back-to-back in chairs, with their respective gags, as VeVe makes a phone call.. now *she's* the one demanding the ransom!

Domestic setting. The ladies wear their boots through entire video (except when VeVe bound on bed: then she wears bikini only).

The wrestling is fantasy style to allow for the stiletto heels of VeVe and Indra. Holds include scissors, facesitting, sleeper holds, chokeholds, pinning, even a camel clutch! 2 vs 1 and 1 vs 1. Continuous villainess-inspired dialogue, including taunting and gloating. A non-stop bondage-filled scenario!

Full video running time: 41 minutes
High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. But Rate 3.5 mbps.

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Villainess Bondage Ransom Villainess Bondage Ransom Villainess Bondage Ransom
Villainess Bondage Ransom Villainess Bondage Ransom Villainess Bondage Ransom
Villainess Bondage Ransom Villainess Bondage Ransom Villainess Bondage Ransom

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