Woman to Woman, Vol 11: Aralia and Lana Luxor
Office Aggression
September 2019



Two feisty ladies, Aralia and Lana Luxor, jump in to present this 11th edition of the Woman to Woman series. As a pair of rival office workers who've decided to physicalize their work-place competitiveness, Aralia and Lana are vigorous and energetic in their aggressive interpretation of this strength challenge fantasy.

The ladies meet in the office store room, where they stare each other down and openly address their rivalry. As tempers heat up, the ladies decide that the best way to address their tensions would be with a physical contest, a test of strength. Words clearly won't resolve this; it's time to battle it out, woman to woman.

In their office attire, the ladies give each other a challenging handshake and then test the waters with a Finglerlock challenge. As things heat up, they strip down to only bras and panties before continuing on with their Finglock contest. They then move on to headlocks and clinch, then to bearhugs, and finally they fall to the ground for a slow yet seething catball (chest-to-chest, legs intertwined). The ladies gasp and groan with effort, while also pointedly taunting each other as they go.

A sensuality builds as the ladies move through their contests. Though continually aggressive and vigorous, the ladies begin to enjoy the conflict on a deeper level. Their taunts are replaced by more intense gasps, and the competitors become swept away in the action. And as they press together and continue to fight it out in their catball, the ladies reach a sensual climax to their battle...

Strength Challenge Fantasy. Aggressive yet increasingly sensual tone. The final catball is aggressive but does not have a lot of rolling (few rolls, but much fighting in position). Catball includes squeezing, breast grabbing, throat grabbing, writhing, etc.

Total running time: 19 minutes

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