Andrea Rosu

Woman to Woman, Vol 10
Andrea Rosu and VeVe Lane
June 2019

woman to woman

woman to woman

In a secret, underground fight club where women meet to test themselves and enjoy each other's strength, curvy, poweful Andrea and lean, muscular VeVe have heard a lot about each other. And so when they finally meet for a match, both are eager and anticipating a stimulating challenge.

The ladies face off in skirts, blouses, and high heels, but after feeling each other out with a fingerlock contest, they're sure this fight will go the distance so they strip down to bra, panties, and bare feet to get more comfortable.

The ladies lock up again to battle with bearhugs, headlocks, and more fingerlocks before they fall to the ground in a tight-clutching, slow-rolling, thigh-squeezing catball. All the while, they taunt, challenge, and egg each other on...with more than a hint of flirtation in the mix.

As fight goes on, the sweat builds up, and the breath quickens, the ladies' excitement grows and it's clear that neither one will ever submit. There's only one way to settle this match, in the time-honored style of the Woman to Woman fight club...

Sensual fantasy wrestling and tests of strength. Approximately 12 minutes standing and 11 minutes on the ground.

Total running time: 23 minutes

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woman to woman woman to woman woman to woman
woman to woman woman to woman woman to woman
woman to woman woman to woman woman to woman

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