Woman to Woman
VeVe Lane & Queen Blaze
March 2023

veve and blaze

veve and blaze

When Blaze has a terrible day at work and absolutely needs to let off some steam, she ducks out of the office and messages her friend VeVe to come as quickly as possible. The two meet in a secret room kept by their "ladies' club" for just such occasions, and VeVe is more than happy to give Blaze exactly what she needs: a good, hard, closely-matched, straining, squeezing, woman-to-woman fight!

Eager to get right into it, the two lock up still in their office-wear skirts, tops, and heels. They test each other with fingerlocks, headlocks, and bearhugs; pin each other against the wall; and relishing the challenge, encourage each other to go hard...and harder!

Evenly matched, the ladies realize they could be at this a while, so they slip out of first their shoes, then their skirts and tops. They grip up again, body to body, now wearing only bras and little thong panties. They fall to the floor, clutched and entwined together, choking, smothering, hair-pulling, and breast grabbing. Each is excited to give as good as she gets, and to take as good as she gives.

Eventually, they break off their battle for a scissorhold test of strength and test of limits. VeVe welcomes Blaze into her body scissors to find out just how much she can take. Then they switch positions. Very fired up, next the ladies pull each other into a mutual leg scissors. Sitting into each other, fingers locked and faces close, they squeeze and grind to find the best leverage. At last they fall back to the floor, whispering to each other to push hard to the finish!

A sensual, fantasy wrestling and strength battle. The ladies are in officewear and high heels for the first 9 minutes, and then in bras, thongs, and bare feet for the final 12 minutes. ** VeVe has (fake) sleeve tattoos on both arms. **

Full Video Duration: 21 minutes

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veve vs blaze veve vs blaze veve vs blaze
veve vs blaze veve vs blaze veve vs blaze
veve vs blaze veve vs blaze veve vs blaze

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