Woman to Woman: Bed Fight! VeVe and Vika
Sensual Strength Battle and Catball on the Bed
August 2017

woman to woman

woman to woman

In this edition of the "Woman to Woman" series, the ladies fight their sensual strength battle entirely on a bed, as an organic feature of the scenario. Filmed August 2017, released August 2018.

VeVe and Vika are sharing a hotel room bed on a road trip, but the ladies are restless and have trouble falling asleep. They subtly bump and nudge each other, back to back and butt to butt, as if gently competing for space in the bed. Their little contest escalates as they press their feet together and then press their hands together, both ladies getting gradually worked up, until they get up and face each other, declaring that the challenge is officially on.

In classic "Woman to Woman" style, the ladies engage in a variety of strength battle lock-ups, working to see who can squeeze harder, hold tighter, and one-up the other. The ladies find this contest increasingly stimulating, and the sensuality of the encounter gradually builds as they go. They begin with kneeling on the bed, organically shifting between fingerlocks, bearhugs, and headlocks. They then entangle for a catball on the bed (15 minutes), bodies pressed together front-to-front with legs intertwined. The ladies gasp and groan with exertion, grab each other's breasts and throats, press and squeeze each other's bodies, and rub their legs and hips together as their sensual excitement builds to a climactic peak...!

And at last, finally exhausted, spent, and satisfied, they both find it now much easier to rest for the night. Sensual fantasy strength battle and wrestling. Intimate, straining, erotic tension. All takes place on the bed. Slow catball; mostly body pressing and lock up.

Total running time: 32 minutes

1280x720. 4 mbps

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veve and vika veve and vika veve and vika
veve and vika veve and vika veve and vika
veve and vika veve and vika veve and vika

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