Sweetie Dreams

Woman to Woman, Vol 9: Ursa and Sweetie Dreams
BBW Sensual Strength Battle
June 2019

Ursa Fierce and Sweetie Dreams, two powerful BBW wrestlers, finally lock up and tangle for a grueling Woman to Woman sensual strength battle. Welcome to the 9th edition of our Woman to Woman series!



Ursa and Sweetie are old friends who meet up at a high school reunion. They take a step away from the party to visit the school's old wrestling room, a place they were never allowed in when they attended the school, since girls were not permitted to wrestle in those days. But while they're alone in the wrestling room, the ladies decide to take the opportunity...

A tense and straining strength battle with an underlying sensual vibe. The ladies watch each other strip down to their bras and panties before they lock up for a series of challenges. They size each other up with a subtle hand-shake gripping test, moving on the fingerlocks, then headlocks, then the clinch lock up, then to bearhugs, and finally taking it to the floor for a rolling catball-style wrestle. With a continual competitive tension between them, the ladies gasp, breathe heavily, taunt each other, and groan with effort, gradually heightening their intensities. And once the ladies hit the floor for their catball, their fighting escalates and their pulses rise even further. They press together, interlock their legs, attack each other with breast smothers, hair pulling, bearhugging, breast grabbing, and hand smothers as they roll back and forth along the mats.

As the action reaches a peak, Ursa's breast smothers prove too much for Sweetie, and Sweetie, totally overwhelmed by both the attack and the building sensual intensity, must cry out in submission. Ursa climbs astride her, posing arrogantly and taunting Sweetie for being the weaker woman, before collecting her clothes and sauntering out, victoriously satisfied, and leaving Sweetie amazed and blown away by the experience...

Fantasy scenario. Gradually building sensuality and intensity. Both ladies start in street clothes and strip to bras and panties. First half of video is standing contests (grip test, fingerlock, headlock and clinch, bearhug), second half is rolling catball wrestling.

Total running time: 23 minutes

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