Lia Labowe

Bare-Foot Wonder Lia in Peril!
Lia Labowe and VeVe Lane
December 2014

Bondage Scenario

Bondage Scenario

Wonder Lia is on the hunt for her arch enemy Cheetah-VeVe. But little does she know that Cheetah has been luring her into a trap... Cheetah ambushes Wonder Lia, knocking her down and stealing her Wonder boots!

Wonder Lia recovers in time to find Cheetah moving in to tie her up. But without her boots, her powers are woefully diminished, and despite her struggles, Wonder Lia soon finds herself bound into a helpless ball. Cheetah gloats wickedly, savoring Wonder Lia's indignation, taunting our poor heroine, and tormenting her exposed bare feet. Purring with delight, Cheetah runs off to find even more torturous tools for Lia to "enjoy." But while the cat's away...

As Cheetah muses to herself and plots her next wave of torture, the now-escaped Wonder Lia springs an attack of her own! She drags Cheetah to the floor, trapping her with wrestling holds, incapacitating her, and finally handcuffing the evil cat-lady. Cheetah recovers to find herself handcuff-hogtied on a bed, with Wonder Lia demanding to know where her boots are hidden. Wily and conniving, Cheetah spots the handcuff keys nearby and lies to Lia about where to find the boots...

As Wonder Lia searches for her boots, Cheetah makes her escape, attacking Lia from behind once again and incapacitating her. Enough cat and mouse - now it's time for Cheetah to make her final move.

Lia recovers to find herself bound in crucifix style on the bed, stripped of her Wonderous attire, and left only in her bikini (ankles bound, knees bound, arms and wrists bound to a pole, ankles secured to bottom of bed). Cheetah enters, now dressed in the Wonder outfit, boots and all!

She climbs upon her captive, gloating and explaining her plan to impersonate Wonder Lia... and to go on a crime spree! Furious, Lia struggles and thrashes, but Cheetah keeps her pinned. Using the magic lasso, Cheetah forces Wonder Lia to admit that she is helpless. Wonder-Cheetah savors Lia's defeat, thoroughly evil and loving Lia's humiliation. As Cheetah leaves, Lia tries to stay strong, but escape is hopeless...

Total running time: 31 minutes

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
Extra emphasis to show Lia's bare feet when possible, especially when bound.
No gags.

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Lia Labowe Lia Labowe Lia Labowe
Lia Labowe Lia Labowe Lia Labowe
Lia Labowe Lia Labowe Lia Labowe

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