Jade Indica

Zentai Agents Clash
VeVe Lane and Jade Indica
February 2016

Zentai Wrestling

Zentai Wrestling

Rival secret zentai agents, zentai wrestling, intrigue, identity swapping, and bondage! Zentai Agent VeVe is on her way to deliver a top secret data discs when she is ambushed by enemy Zentai Agent Jade, who's out to steal the confidential data and replace it with a virus!

Though taken by surprise, Zentai VeVe puts up a mighty resistance as Zentai Jade presses the attack, and the two agents wrestle for nearly 10 minutes before Zentai Jade finally manages to incapacitate her foe. With VeVe down, Jade not only swipes and switches the secret data discs, but she also swipes VeVe's special uniform! With a sensual touch, Jade removes all of VeVe's official over-suit accessories - her blue socks, panties, bra - and finally her zentai suit itself... VeVe recovers to find herself de-suited -- her secret identity clear to see! -- and wearing only her white "civilian" socks, panties, and bra. And not only that, but she also discovers she's been hogtied, blindfolded, and cleave gagged!

As VeVe revives, Jade casually zips herself into VeVe's zentai agent suit, slips on VeVe's over-suit accessories, and explains how she will steal Zentai VeVe's identity and cause havoc for her entire agency. Bound and gagged, VeVe struggles and murmurs in vain. But Jade is simply amused, and she casually molests VeVe one last time before skipping out and leaving the disgraced agent to squirm uselessly!

Total running time: 18 minutes

Fantasy wrestling. Stripping only to bra, socks, panties. VeVe is bound, gagged, blindfolded for final 5 minutes of video.
1280x720, 3.5 mbps

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zentai wrestling zentai wrestling zentai wrestling
zentai wrestling zentai wrestling zentai wrestling
zentai wrestling zentai wrestling zentai wrestling

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