Ursa Fierce
Homebase: New York City
E-mail: UrsaWrestler@gmail.com

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 250 lbs
Shoe Size: 8 US

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Twitter: @UrsaFierce

Fighting Style: Facesit Pins Wrestling
Favorite Submission: RNC
Favorite Pro Hold: Camel Clutch

Random Skills: Vintage pinup looks, hibernating, hugs, being right, wizard-level cooking skills, knowing all the songs, but none of the lyrics
Favorite Music Style:Motown

* October 2018 Gallery: 3 Witches Gallery: Ursa, Sweetie, VeVe

* Listing of Ursa's Videos at Doom Maidens

* Ursa's Wrestling Blog

Additional Information:

Described as "The Sass with Class," Ursa specializes in overpowering you with her weight. She's always up for a competitive match and especially loves sitting on faces, trampling men, belly bouncing, and sassy and demeaning taunting. Basically, she likes turning men into man-toys. People are often surprised by her speed and energy. And paired with her size, these make a daunting combo. Her skills are constantly improving, and her enthusiasm for the sport of submission wrestling is never-ending!

Ursa also has a background in competitive swimming and is a big fan of bearhugs!

An Ursa Fierce Production: Mixed Facesit Domination Highlights

Ursa filmed her first video with us at Doom Maidens Wrestling in February 2017. She enjoys a variety of video styles. A listing of several of Ursa's videos filmed with us is here: Ursa's Videos at Doom Maidens.

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